Kirsty Armstrong | Sculpture Artist

Hello, and welcome to my web site! I am primarily a sculpture artist specialising in British wildlife and animals, but I also produce illustrations and bespoke trophies and awards.

Below, you’ll find a small slide show of examples of some of my more recent work, and  please explore the site further using the tabs along the top of this page. I’m constantly adding new work updates to my ‘Kirsty Armstrong Sculpture’ page on Facebook, there is more to see via this link… https://facebook.com/KirstyArmstrongSculptur

My most recent posts can be found in ‘My Blog’and here I explain in a little more depth about how I work and what I’ve been up to recently. I’ve done a lot of work over the past 30 years and some of it can be found via the ‘Gallery’ tab.

Over the years as a sculpture artist, I have been commissioned to sculpt many pieces for various figurine manufacturing companies. I now concentrate on designing, sculpting and producing my own work to reproduce as limited editions or as commissions, and I also create smaller uniquely stylised  ‘home decor’ items and some jewellery. I am currently gradually adding to my range of dog related items featuring different breeds. I enjoy producing caricatured drawings and I’m usually making ‘something’! 

I strive to source my materials, packaging and production companies as close to home as possible with the three most important companies I work with being within a 25 mile radius of my studio.

.Kirsty Armstrong presenting her Red Squirrel sculpture to HRH Prince Charles  Love Cumbria Art Auction

Pictured above, I am presenting HRH Prince Charles with number 1 of my limited edition Red Squirrel sculpture; ‘Charles’, a very detailed piece in copper. Recently, I donated the 100th and last remaining unsold piece of that edition to the ‘Love Cumbria’ art auction to help raise funds for those affected by the floods here in Cumbria in 2015.







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