Red Squirrels

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‘Rowan’ | Juvenile Red Squirrel sculpture in cold-cast copper or hand painted resin.

Rowan, is my latest red squirrel sculpture and is again a limited edition of 150 pieces. She is a determined juvenile squirrel sculpted using the beautiful photgraphs taken by the late Norman Scott of the red squirrels at Wallington Hall in the North East of England.

She is in an autumnal woodland setting surrounded by newly fallen conkers, Rowan leaves and fungi and is available in hand painted resin or polished cold-cast copper. Both are suitable for inside use only.

‘George’| Red Squirrel Kitten in cold-cast copper or painted resin.

Squirrel kitten sculpture

George, red squirrel kitten sculpture


'George' current squirrel sculpture by Kirsty Armstrong

‘George’ Red squirrel Kitten sculpture in cold-cast Copper-2013

‘George’ is a Red Squirrel kitten sculpture; the first off-spring of ‘Charles’ and ‘Willow’. He can be ordered in cold-cast copper or painted resin and is life-size. This is a strict limited edition of 150 pieces. Currently (November 2015) I have produced and sold approximately 90 pieces.

As with my other squirrels, I will donate a percentage of my profits from each sale to Red Squirrel conservation projects. The total donation so far is £1,700….This has already been presented to RSST, RSTW, B&DRSG and most recently the Wildlife ark, to help with research into adenovirus in Red Squirrels on Anglesey, squirrel pox vaccine research and thermal imaging cameras.

‘George’ is the life size of a four month old squirrel kitten and the piece stands at 21cm (8.25″). He is perched on a broken ivy clad branch clutching his fore paws to his chest in typical squirrel fashion. His tail swirls down and around him where you’ll find a snail shell nestled in the undergrowth.

After sculpting George, I had him moulded and then each copper piece is cast locally to me, in the Lake District in Cumbria. I then polish, buff, wax, finish and box each piece to order.

The painted version of George is cast for me by Border Fine Arts, in Langholm in the Scottish borders just 20 miles away, and then hand painted by Tricia Little at Glefirra, also in Langholm. I then finish and box them to order. I also supply local galleries.

‘George’s’ sister will be sculpted next. I’ve just decided to carry on the elegant ‘tree’ theme (‘Willow’ is her mother) and call her Rowan…..

‘George’, ‘Willow’, ‘Hope’ and ‘Charles’ all had there ‘photoshoots’ expertly taken by David Tate MBE, founder of ‘Liliput Lane.

Each ‘George’ is £125.00 (plus £4.00 insured delivery)


Available through my Folksy shop; Justkirsty via  FOLKSY SHOP in the menu above or please contact me on 016977 41012 or via email;, if you’d like to order ‘George’ and I’ll be able to give you further information about availability and payment details (paypal/BACS/Cheque)

‘Willow’ | Red Squirrel sculpture in cold-cast copper

'Willow' by Kirsty Armstrong

‘Willow’ Red squirrel in cold-cast copper

‘Willow’ is my second squirrel in cold-cast copper (Copper and resin) and is mate to ‘Charles’. She is a limited edition of 150 pieces, and stands about 9.5″ (24.5cm) tall.

My original wax sculpture was moulded and cast for me by a Cumbrian company; Lakeland Mouldings. I then polish, buff, wax, finish and box each sculpture to order. A percentage of the profits from each sale goes to Red Squirrel conservation projects throughout the UK, and so far this has raised £1,700.

Currently (December 2016), there are only 6 pieces left of this edition. Each piece is accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity and a leaflet on its making.

Each ‘Willow’ is £150.00  (plus £13.00 insured postage)

Available through my Folksy shop; Justkirsty via FOLKSY SHOP in the menu above or please contact me via email; or telephone 016977 41012 to enquire about availability and payment methods (BACS/Paypal/cheque)


‘Charles’ | Red Squirrel Sculpture in Cold-Cast Copper


'Charles'- cold-cast copper red squirrel

‘Charles’ – Red Squirrel

I sculpted ‘Charles’ in 2010, basing him on an orphan Red squirrel kitten called ‘Charles’, who was rescued, reared and re-released by Red squirrel conservationists in Cumbria. Orphan ‘Charles’ became well known and was often in the media. I presented number one of this edition of 100 pieces to HRH Prince Charles in February 2011, and he later told me via letter that it is a gift he will treasure!

Charles was made in the same way as ‘Willow’; in cold-cast Copper. A signed certificate and leaflet on his making accompanied him. He stands at approximately 11.5″ (29cm) tall. A percentage of the profits from each sale goes to Red Squirrel conservation projects throughout the UK.


‘Hope’ | Painted Red Squirrel wall plaque

Red Squirrel sculpture

Red Squirrel wall mounted sculpture

‘Hope’, peering out from a hole in a Pine tree, is another of my current squirrel sculptures and is sculpted in deep relief and hand painted. I originally designed this for the RSST (Red Squirrel survival trust) 2012 Red squirrel volunteer of the year awards. I made 8 separate pieces in cold-cast copper with a Cherry wood stand for the various categories of award. They were presented at Alnwick castle by his Grace the Duke of Northumberland in June 2012.

I have now produce a painted version so that the copper awards remain special and unique to the award recipients. It is a limited edition of 150 piece and cast locally in resin by Border Fine Arts. Each one is hand painted by Tricia Little of Glen Firra, Langholm, and comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.   ‘Hope’ is approximately 9.5″ (24.5 cm) from top to bottom and has a saw-tooth hanger to attach it to a wall. A percentage of the profits, again, goes to red Squirrel conservation projects throughout the UK.

‘Hope’ is £95.00 plus £4.00 insured delivery. Available through my Folksy shop; Justkirsty via FOLKSY SHOP in the menu above or please contact me directly at or on 016977 41012 to check availability and for payment methods (paypal/BACS/cheque).

Red Squirrel Brooch in cold-cast copper or cold-cast bronze

Sculpted Red Squirrel brooch

Cold-cast copper Red Squirrel brooch

Current Red Squirrel brooch

Red squirrel brooch in cold cast copper

Red Squirrel brooch information card

Red Squirrel brooch information card

I designed and sculpted this red squirrel, leaping across a gleaming sun with a nut in his mouth, in wax and after making a mould, I now cast them in cold-cast pewter, copper or bronze (metal and resin) in my coal shed. I add a spoonful of coal dust to   the mix to give a dark base colour.

The brooch pin is silver plated, and it comes gift boxed with an information card.

The cast brooch is sanded, cleaned, buffed, polished, waxed and boxed by me, by hand at home here in Cumbria. I also decorate the gift boxes.

This product will tarnish, but an occasional buff with a soft cloth is all that’s needed.


Cold-cast Copper or cold-cast bronze Red Squirrel Brooch ……….. £12.00 each

( plus £2.85 second class delivery)