The first LF MkXV1e Spitfire is finished

The first MkXV1 Spitfire sculpture, from the commission to produced four, has now been mounted on it’s stone plinth.

An RAF roundle has been blasted into the top surface of the stone and the aeroplane’s registration; TD248, is on the facing edge. The stone work has been done for me by a local quarry, ‘Natural Stone Direct’ and Cumbria ‘Cove’ sandstone has been used.

MkXV1e Spitfire

MkXV1e Spitfire TD248

Once I’ve collected the remaining three casts from Langholm, Dumfrieshire, and finished them next week, I can then deliver the commission to Humberside….

MkXV1 Spitfire sculpture

Armatures for Spitfire sculptures

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