2014 RSST Volunteer Awards

2014 RSST  Volunteer Awards

This year I have again designed and produced the RSST Volunteer Awards.

The eight awards were presented at Warwick Hall near Carlisle on 10th July, along with the major award;  the David Stapleford Award, which was presented to Dr Raj Jones.

After sculpting the originals in wax and taking  moulds, I then cast each  plaque (in my coal shed) in cold-cast copper. After polishing and finishing they were then mounted on a wedge of Cumbrian stone cut at the quarry just down the road from me.

The words ‘Red Squirrel’ , ‘Sciurus Vulgaris’ and ‘animal which sits in the shadow of it’s tail,’ were inscribed around the outside. ‘Sciurus’ orininates from the Greek ‘Skiouros’ meaning ‘shade tail’.




RSSTAward 2014
RSST Volunteer Awards 2014 by Sculptor Kirsty Armstrong
2014 RSST Volunteer Awards
RSST Volunteer Awards designed and produced by Kirsty Armstrong
2014 RSST Volunteer awards
2014 RSST volunteer awards – Cold- cast copper on Cumbrian stone


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