New Otter Sculpture

I’ve been creating a new Otter sculpture on and off for a while now. I fit the sculpting of new limited edition pieces around orders from my SHOP.

New otter sculpture work in progress by Kirsty Armstrong Sculpture
New Otter Sculpture -Erik (work in progress)

The next stage…

I’ve now finished the head and the composition, and I’ve added basic anatomy. Next will be my favourite part; refining all the detail, and adding fur texture.

Why is the new otter sculpture called ‘Erik’…

I’ve recently discovered that I have very strong Scandinavian ancestry with links to both Iceland and Shetland. I used to live on Shetland as a child and so I thought I’d give the new Otter a ‘Viking’ name; Erik! It is also my maternal Grandfather’s name, although with a slightly different spelling. Erik is a young otter, which in Shetland dialect is ‘Peerie Draatsie’.

Supporting Otter conservation on Shetland…

With each of my wildlife sculptures I personally donate a set amount from each sale to a related charity or organisation. For the new Otter Sculpture I’ve chosen the Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary on Shetland. They are Shetland’s only wildlife sanctuary and care for sick, injured and abandoned Otters and seals. They are an independent sanctuary and so rely heavily on donations from the public.

With my strong ties to Shetland they are the obvious choice to benefit from sales of the finished ‘Erik’.

The view from a house on Shetland
The view from our garden where we used to live on Shetland

Limited edition… 

Erik the otter will be a limited edition of 150 pieces. As has become my custom, I will offer the first 25 at a reduced introductory price. Once I know all the production costs I’ll be able to set the price. In the mean time, please do get in touch via EMAIL or through the ‘comments’ section below if you’d like to be added to the ‘No-Obligation-To-Purchase’ pre-release list. I will then contact you once ‘Erik’ is in production.

Moulding … 

When the original wax sculpture is complete, Erik will be taken to Lakeland Mouldings. This is a specialist moulding and casting company just 30 miles away from my studio. Here, a rubber mould will be taken from the wax ‘Erik’. The first cast taken from the mould is kept as the ‘master’, and future moulds are made from it.

Casting and finishing…

‘Erik’ will be then produced in cold-cast bronze, iron, or pewter (different metals mixed with resin). They will be hand made to order in small batches and numbered as they are made. The pewter and bronze versions are polished and waxed. The cold-cast iron version has an accelerated rust finish which is then enhanced with various metallic waxes.

Home decor and garden Sculpture…

This new Otter Sculpture will be suitable for both inside and outside use. Those for outside are protected by a matt automobile lacquer, as well as  yacht varnish over the enamelled eyes. The casts themselves can happily go outside, so the lacquer is only to protect the wax finish which I add to the cast.

Where will Erik be available to purchase?

The first 25 pieces will only be available directly through me and will be offered to those on the above mentioned list first. (Payment can be made through PayPal or BACS). Thereafter, the new Otter sculpture will be added to my Just Kirsty Sculpture & Gifts online store on The British Craft House

Animal sculpture and gifts by sculptor Kirsty Armstrong
Just Kirsty Sculpture & Gifts on The British Craft House

Progress and shipping…

Please follow me here for further updates, or on my Kirsty Armstrong Sculpture page on Facebook .

Worldwide shipping will be available, with the exception of Europe.

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