Along side Kirsty’s  ‘sculptural’ creations she also makes decorative boxes.  Virtually all of them are decorated using a unique ‘Highland  lichen’ design print which is added to the lids of the boxes using a developed process.

The boxes are available in different colours and sizes, and have metal corner protectors and elaborate clasps. The boxes are lined and they sometimes have a sculpted element on the lid. Some also have copper or pewter sheeting on the lid which, once the lichen print is attached, looks like foil…

Decorative boxes by Kirsty Armstrong

The print is produced from a photograph Kirsty took of a patch of beautiful lichen on a boulder in the Scottish highlands.

The print is made into a water slide decal which is then attached to the box. They are also available with a copper or pewter sheet attached to the lid.

Gallery of decorative treasure & memory boxes

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Kirsty Armstrong Sculpture