Hare sculpture and gifts by Kirsty Armstrong


Kirsty Armstrong produces a range of Hare Sculpture and gifts. These hare themed items include the life-sized ‘Harriet’ Hare in various finishes, as well as framed Hare plaques, tins, and brooches.

Large Hare sculpture for home or garden by UK animal sculptor Kirsty Armstrong
Harriet Hare in cold-cast iron

Harriet Hare Sculpture

How and where is Harriet Hare made?…

Kirsty sculpted the original Harriet Hare sculpture by hand in modelling wax.  Lakeland Mouldings, in the English Lake District, then took a mould and began casting the sculptures in cold cast metals.

These Hare Sculptures are cast in small batches before Kirsty hand finishes them in her Cumbrian studio.

Harriet Hare is almost life-size, standing at 16” (40cm) to her tallest ear. The sculptures weigh approximately 6kg and are suitable for both inside and outside use. We offer worldwide shipping although please email details for a quote to Europe as some specific countries are not included.

Limited edition…

The Harriet Hare sculpture is being produced as a strict limited edition of 150 pieces. 134 of these have already been sold (January 2024).

Kirsty donates a percentage of the profits from each piece to the Hare Preservation Trust, here in the UK.

Hare sculptures in various finishes by Kirsty Armstrong Sculpture
The various Harriet Hare sculpture finishes available
Harriet Hare’s cost and where can the sculpture be purchased?… 

Harriet Hare is available in different finishes; Click on any of the links below for more information.

Kirsty’s work can be viewed on the Just Kirsty Sculpture & Gifts store on the British Craft House site.

Harriet Hare sculpture prices start at £325.00 (excluding shipping). Interest free payment instalment plans are also available via PayPal upon request. For further enquiries please EMAIL Kirsty directly, or alternatively submit the contact form below.

Harriet in cold-cast Iron 

Large Cold cast iron Hare sculpture in an autumnal garden setting
Rusty cold-cast Iron Harriet Hare

‘Moon-lit’ Harriet in cold-cast Pewter

Hare sculpture in cold-cast pewter
‘Moon-lit’ Harriet Hare

‘Blue Moon’ in bronze lacquer with grey & blue 

Hare sculpture with bronze, grey and indigo finish
‘Blue-Moon’ Harriet Hare

Bronze lacquer with a verdigris finish.

Hare sculpture with bronze lacquer and verdigris patina finish
Harriet Hare Bronze lacquer with Verdigris Patina


Hare gifts by Kirsty Armstrong Sculpture
Just Kirsty sculpture and gifts on The British Craft House
Hare brooch in cold-cast Pewter packaged in a gift box
Pewter Hare and Moon brooch/pin
Hare plaque in cold-cast Pewter
Pewter Hare design in a deep box frame
Square Keepsake tin with Hare and Moon design in pewter
Small keepsake tin with pewter hare design
Hare gifts available from the Just Kirsty Sculpture and Gifts on The British Craft House

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Kirsty Armstrong Sculpture