Erik the Otter Sculpture

I’m currently working on my Erik the Otter Sculpture.

Erik is a life-sized otter cub and stands at about 14” tall. Although the stylised fur I add to my animal sculptures takes a very long time, I do enjoy it and I only have to do it on the original wax once. It is then reproduced through moulding and casting, locally to me in the English Lake District. I then polish or finish every Otter sculpture by hand each time one finds a home!

Erik The Otter Sculpture (work in progress)

I have an ‘interested-but-no-obligation-to-purchase’ list for this Otter Sculpture which I will then use to offer the first 25 pieces at an introductory rate. If you’d like to be on the list, then please EMAIL me. I’m very much hoping that he will be finished shortly, and then he’ll be on his way to be moulded and put into production.

Erik will be helping the Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary up on Shetland with every sale, and he’ll be available in cold-cast bronze, as well as cold-cast iron.

He’s a young Otter, and his name gives a nod to my Norse heritage, as well as connecting to my Grandfather (whose name was ‘Eric’). I also used to live on Shetland as a child and have very fond memories of it.

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