Erik the Otter Sculpture

I’m currently working on my Erik the Otter Sculpture. Erik is a life-sized otter cub and stands at about 14” tall. Although the stylised fur I add to my animal sculptures takes a very long time, I do enjoy it and I only have to do it on the original wax once. It is then… Continue reading Erik the Otter Sculpture

Framed Cocker Spaniel portrait

I’ve just listed my framed Cocker Spaniel head portrait (in sculpted relief) in my British Craft House Shop. I sculpted this little relief sculpture of a Cocker Spaniel last year in wax. After having it moulded I now cast them in my workshop in various cold-cast metals. They are available with either a pewter, bronze… Continue reading Framed Cocker Spaniel portrait

New Otter Wildlife Sculpture

I’ve been working on a new Otter Wildlife Sculpture for a little while now. As usual, I fit in the sculpting of new pieces around making up orders from my two online Shops, and so it can take a bit of time! My new Otter Sculpture is called Peerie Draatsie, which means ‘Little Otter’ in Shetland… Continue reading New Otter Wildlife Sculpture

Animal Sculpture

Animal sculpture. I was in Keswick in Cumbria last week delivering one of my Harriet Hare sculptures to a customer. We arranged to met at the Bronze dog statue, which is in one of the town’s parks. While I was there I thought it might be nice to photograph theses two pieces of animal sculpture… Continue reading Animal Sculpture

Sculptor of the Max the miracle dog Statue

As you may know, I’m the sculptor of the Max the miracle dog statue. I’ve talked about the actual making of the bronze in My blog, so in this post I’d just like to add a couple of pictures from April 2021; the first time I saw the finished bronze. As the sculptor, I was… Continue reading Sculptor of the Max the miracle dog Statue

Wood Mouse Wall Sculptures

My ‘Wilfred & Winifred Wood Mouse Wall Sculptures are now available in both hand painted resin, and cold-cast bronze. They both in my Just Kirsty Sculpture & Gifts  shop over on The British Craft House, and also on my

Business of the week in Brampton!

I’ve been named as the ‘business of the week’ in my home town of Brampton! After an interview over the phone with the journalist, David Shingler, this detailed piece was published in the Brampton Newsletter (Link opens on Facebook on the Brampton Newsletter page) Kirsty and her sculpture of Max

Hare and Red Squirrel Sculpture

Hare and Red Squirrel Sculpture As you may already know, I’m an animal sculptor. The limited editions of Harriet Hare and my various Squirrel sculptures have been in production for a while now. I’m always trying to take better photographs, and now with the aid of a new camera, I think I have been able… Continue reading Hare and Red Squirrel Sculpture

New Wood Mouse wall plaques

I’m sculpting two new Wood Mouse wall plaques as new pieces to my collection. I’ve just finished ‘Winifred’ and her companion piece ‘Wilfred’ will be ready soon. Winifred Wood Mouse wall plaque Both wall plaques are sculpted in deep relief. The mice are perched on shelves of bracket fungus surrounded by BlackBerries. They will be… Continue reading New Wood Mouse wall plaques

The Making of the Max The Miracle Dog Statue

The making of the Max the miracle dog statue. As you may know I was recently commissioned to sculpt the statue of the ‘famous’ Springer Spaniel, Max. The life size bronze of this popular little dog now sits in Keswick, in the heart of the English Lake District. After being unveiled in July 2021, it… Continue reading The Making of the Max The Miracle Dog Statue

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Kirsty Armstrong Sculpture