New Flat Coated retriever artwork

Flat coated retriever original artwork in wax to be moulded and then cast by Kirsty Armstrong Sculpture

I designed this new Flat coated retriever artwork some time ago (in my head!), and now I’ve finished the wax relief original.

Flat coated retriever artwork in wax ready for moulding and then casting in copper and pewter. By Kirsty Armstrong Sculpture
Flat Coated Retriever plaque ready for moulding

The next step is to get it moulded locally, and I can then start casting them in my studio here in Cumbria.

They will be made by hand in both cold-cast pewter and copper. This is to represent the black and the liver versions of the Flat Coated retriever breed.

I’ve had two Flat coats myself; Sam and Indy. Words to describe this lovely breed are inscribed around the edge of the piece. The plaques will be polished and waxed before being used on various products in my range. 

Labrador Retriever art work in wax by Kirsty Armstrong Sculpture, ready for moulding and casting in various metals
Labrador portrait plaque ready for moulding

This Labrador piece above is also ready for production. The sculpting of a Cocker Spaniel and a Weimaraner in the same style will be next. I’ll post pictures of the finished plaques once I have them cast and polished… 



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Kirsty Armstrong Sculpture