New Otter Sculpture

My new Otter Sculpture is of a young male which I’ve called ‘Erik’.

I’m sculpting the original in modelling wax, which when finished, will be moulded and cast. It will be produced as a limited edition in both cold-cast bronze and cold-cast iron.

Otter sculpture work in progress by sculptor Kirsty Armstrong
‘Erik’, the Otter-Work in progress

I have ancestral roots in Scandinavia, Iceland and Shetland, and a Grandfather called ‘Eric’, so the otter has been given the Norse name of ‘Erik’! I also used to live on Shetland where a young Otter is known as a ‘Peerie Draatsie’.

Once all the costs are compiled the first 25 pieces of the edition will be offered at an introductory price. If you’d like to be put on the ‘interested-but-no-obligation-to-buy’ list, then please use the contact form below to get in touch. Alternatively, please send me an Email



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Kirsty Armstrong Sculpture