Donation to the Hare Preservation Trust

I’ve just made another donation to the Hare Preservation Trust for £75. My sculpture of Harriet Hare is almost life-sized and I produce it in five different finishes. The 125th Harriet (from the limited edition of 150) will be heading off to the United States shortly.

Five different finishes on the Harriet Hare Sculpture by sculptor Kirsty Armstrong. Kirsty Armstrong Sculpture.
Harriet Hare sculpture

I make a donation to the Hare Preservation trust after each 25 Harriets are sold. The latest donation brings the total so far up to £375. The Hare Preservation trust will receive another £75 once all the remaining 25 Harriets have homes too!

The Hare is under serious threat here in the UK. Numbers have declined by about 80% since the late 19th century and it is now seldom seen in many parts of the country. Saying that, we have seen Hares in the field behind us here in Cumbria for the first time in twenty years!Hare preservation trust logo showing a stylised leaping hare in a partial circle

The Hare Preservation Trust is working to find ways of improving the preservation and welfare of Hares, and also to raise awareness of the threats to the species, particularly from illegal hunting.

As of July 2023 there are only 25 pieces left of this strict limited edition. Every sale will help our Hare population here in the UK.

Harriet Hare is available from my Just Kirsty Sculpture & Gifts Shop on the British Craft House selling platform.

Large Cold cast iron Hare sculpture in an autumnal garden setting
Rusty cold-cast Iron Harriet Hare


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Kirsty Armstrong Sculpture