Harriet Hare Sculpture almost sold out

Hare sculptures in various finishes by Kirsty Armstrong Sculpture
The various Harriet Hare sculpture finishes available

Our limited edition large Hare sculpture is almost sold out. As of December 2023 there are just 20 left unsold from the limited edition of 150 pieces.

‘Harriet’ is an almost life-size Brown Hare. The original was sculpted by hand in modelling wax using traditional sculpting techniques. The 150 piece limited edition made from this original is produced by hand in batches.

How the Hare sculptures are made…

The original wax ‘Harriet’ took approximately two hundred hours to sculpt. It was then taken to Lakeland Mouldings (a local moulding and casting company) where it was moulded and a master was cast.

The limited edition pieces are cast to order in small batches in various finishes. After collection, they are finished by hand. This involves either polishing and waxing, applying a lacquer and a wax finish, or adding guilders paste waxes. All the Hare sculptures have enamelled eyes and are stamped with their edition number.
These large Hare Sculptures can live *outside in the garden or in your home (* if a final exterior lacquer is requested).

Four different finishes…

I produce the Hare sculptures in Four different finishes; For more information, please click on the highlighted links below to be taken to My Just Kirsty Sculpture & Gifts shop on The British Craft House.

Moon-lit Harriet Hare in cold-cast pewter …

Hare sculpture in cold-cast pewter
‘Moon-lit’ Harriet Hare

Rusty Harriet Hare in cold-cast Iron …

Large Cold cast iron Hare sculpture in an autumnal garden setting
Rusty cold-cast Iron Harriet Hare

Bronze Lacquer Harriet with a verdigris patina

Hare garden sculpture with bronze lacquer and verdigris finish. By Kirsty Armstrong Sculpture
Bronze lacquer and verdigris finish.

‘Blue-Moon’ Harriet Hare

Hare sculpture with bronze, grey and indigo finish
‘Blue-Moon’ Harriet Hare

Please click on the highlighted links to be taken to My Just Kirsty Sculpture & Gifts shop on The British Craft House

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Kirsty Armstrong Sculpture