Border Fine Arts

Kirsty worked as a Border Fine Arts sculptor from 1995 through to 2010. Border Fine Arts were a figurine manufacturing company based in Langholm, in the Scottish Borders.

Harvest Mice by Sculptor Kirsty Armstrong

Kirsty worked partly as an employee, but mostly as a freelance sculptor. At Border Fine Arts she sculpted many original waxes. These included a variety of cattle breed studies, and some of the ‘James Herriot’ collection. After creating the original pieces in modelling wax, they then went on to be moulded and put into production. 

British Blue bull sculpt in wax by Kirsty Armstrong for Border Fine Arts
Wax original of a British Blue Bull

Each piece of work made for Border Fine Arts was extremely detailed. Kirsty worked from photographs and other reference material, visited farms and consulted with experts to get each piece as realistic and accurate as possible. Country Artists Fix cubs by Kirsty Armstrong

Here are just a few examples of her work from this time, and also some which she sculpted for Country Artists.

Kirsty signed her work with just ‘Kirsty’ (which is where her shop name came from; ‘Just Kirsty Sculpture’! )

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Kirsty Armstrong Sculpture