A biography of Sculptor, Kirsty Armstrong 

A working sculptor since 1988, Kirsty graduated with a BA (Hons) degree in Fine Art, specialising in sculpture.

Sculptor, Kirsty Armstrong, sitting with the Max the miracle dog bronze in Hope Park, Cumbria.
Kirsty and her bronze of Max the miracle dog
After spending four years studying Fine art and sculpture in the mid to late 1980’s, she feels very lucky to have been a sculptor ever since.
Early career…

After leaving higher education, Kirsty initially worked solely for herself. This included running an arts & crafts shop in the town where she still lives, and teaching sculpture techniques to adults.

In the mid 1990’s Border Fine Arts (a figurine manufacturing company) approached Kirsty to work for them as a sculptor. She then spent most of the next 15 years sculpting their originals, as well as working for Country artists and Beswick.

Kirsty sculpted many of the breed studies of cattle, as well as other large animal pieces, and some of the Border Fine Arts ‘James Herriot’ collection.

British Blue Border Fine Arts by sculptor Kirsty Armstrong
British Blue Bull Sculpted for Border Fine Arts

A change of direction… 

After this long spell of working for other people, Kirsty decided it was time to work on her own ideas again.

David Tate MBE, founder of the Lilyput Lane figurine manufacturing company, became her mentor, and Kirsty Armstrong Sculpture was established.

This has led Kirsty to;

  • Present HRH Prince Charles (now of course HRH King Charles) with no.1 of the limited edition Red Squirrel sculpture; ‘Charles’, in 2011
  • Design and produce the RSST (Red Squirrel Survival Trust) Volunteer of the year awards in 2012 and 2014.
  • Win a competition set by the North Pennines AONB to design and go on to produce ‘The Pendlebury award’ in 2013.
  • Produce the trophies for an extreme obstacle course challenge; Gelt Gladiator, which was held in Cumbria in May 2015
  • Produce four limited edition Mk XV1e Spitfires which were cast in pewter for the owner of a real Spitfire, and one was then presented to a member of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.
  • Produce the 2016/ 2017/ 2018 awards for the lighting division of the American company; ‘General Electric’.
  • Sculpt a Smilodon Populator (Sabretoothed tiger) figurine master for the British figurine producer; REBOR (on sale from Autumn 2021)
  • Sculpt the ‘Max The Miracle Dog’ publicly funded bronze statue which is now sited in Hope Park, Keswick, Cumbria (2020-21).
Online shop…

Kirsty has an online shop; ‘Just Kirsty Sculpture & Gifts on ‘The British Craft House’ selling platform.

Other interests…

Kirsty is involved in the fight to protect the UK’s endangered native Red Squirrel and is a co-founder, a trustee, a volunteer and fund raiser for her local Red Squirrel group which is now a charity.

Kirsty presenting HRH King Charles with one of her copper squirrels

Kirsty also loves music and sings with other musicians.


Now Kirsty is working on her next challenge; sculpting an Otter piece. ‘Erik’ the otter ( or Petrie draatsie in Shetland dialect) is now finished. The limited edition piece will go into production in March 2024. Kirsty will donate an amount from each sale to the Hillswick Animal sanctuary on Shetland. Kirsty lived on Shetland as a child.

Kirsty and her twin on Shetland




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