Images of figurative animal and wildlife sculpture by sculptor Kirsty Armstrong

Kirsty is a sculptor based in the north of the UK.

Her ability to accept new sculpting commissions is dependant on her current schedule of producing her own pieces. However, please do get in touch to discuss your ideas and her availability.

Before asking for an estimate, please keep in mind the following points;

  • Creating and then producing realistic sculpture by hand is a labour intensive process. It is a skilled job on the part of the sculptor and the moulding and casting company, and the price will reflect this.
  • ‘One-off’ commissions will incur ‘all’ of the design, sculpting and production costs, making some projects possibly financially unviable.
  • In contrast, a commission to produce multiples from an original will result in a less expensive individual piece.
  • Pet portrait commissions will usually be declined.
  • Although estimates are provided free of charge, they do take time to produce, therefore please bear the above points in mind. Many thanks. 

Here are some examples of past commissions.

September 2020 – Kirsty was commissioned to sculpt a well known Springer Spaniel; Max the Miracle Dog as a life sized bronze.

A collage showing some of the processes during the making of the bronze Max
The making of Max

Kirsty created the extremely detailed original sculpture in modelling wax over a rigid armature. The finished piece was expertly moulded and cast in bronze by Aron McCartney at the McArt Studios Barnard Castle.

This link takes you to a video of the finished original wax on Kirsty’s Facebook page; Kirsty Armstrong Sculpture

The publicly funded bronze statue of this popular Springer Spaniel was unveiled in July 2021. It sits on a specially made bench of local Honister slate in the heart of the English Lake District, in Hope Park, Keswick and has become a popular tourist attraction.

Art UK Artist’s Profile featuring the Max the ‘miracle’ dog bronze statue

Max the miracle dog statue shown in pure bronze at the foundry
The ‘Max’ bronze at the foundry
Sculptor Kirsty Armstrong sitting next to the bronze statue of Max the miracle dog in Hope Park, Keswick
Kirsty and her sculpture of Max
June 2020Smilodon (Sabre toothed tiger).

The London based figurine producing company; REBOR, approached Kirsty with the commission to sculpt a Smilodon model. The original, highly detailed art work which she sculpted is now in production and is being sold as a collectible figurine by REBOR.

REBOR Smilodon (Sabretoothed tiger) model sculpted by Kirsty Armstrong Sculpture.
Smilodon (Sabretoothed Tiger) model sculpted for REBOR by Kirsty Armstrong
Sculpture of a Smilodon (Sabretoothed tiger) by Kirsty Armstrong Sculpture
Finished wax original of a Smilodon
Smilodon musculature 3D printed and cast in resin
Printed musculature of a Smilodon
How the original was made

Kirsty suggested working in collaboration with REBOR’s in-house digital sculptors, and so the musculature of the animal was 3D printed, and this was then moulded and cast. Kirsty sculpted the fur detail over the top of the resin casts in modelling wax.

The fur detail was so fine in places it was sculpted with a needle, and with Grisly bear and Lynx fur as reference.

In production…

REBOR now have several different colour ways of this model in production with interchangeable heads (one with jaws open and one closed).

Disguising where the separate  ‘heads’ were to join the body was a particularly challenging part of this sculpt, as were the undersides of the paws.

Head shot of a Smilodon sculpture
Smilodon head in wax and resin
Head sculpt in wax of a Smilodon by Kirsty Armstrong
Smilodon head sculpt
Detail from Smilodon sculpt for REBOR
Smilodon paw detail

May 2019 – General Electric (lighting division) Roadway awards (USA).
Cold-cast metal gladiator helmets on a stone base.

GE Gladiator helmet award mounted on a sandstone block with a steel support. Kirsty Armstrong Sculpture
GE Gladiator Helmet award

April 2019 – Copper Red squirrel sculpture, ‘Willow’, sited within the gardens of Compton Castle.

January 2019 – Design and production of the FPL energy services (USA) Awards. Roman helmets in cold-cast bronze mounted on stone bases.

February 2018 – Design and production of the General Electric (lighting division) awards (USA)

April 2017 – Production of the General Electric (lighting division) awards (USA)

May 2015 – Design and production of the Gelt Gladiator trophies  an extreme obstacle course challenge in Cumbria.

2015 – Spitfire sculptures

Four MX1Ve Spitfire sculptures were produced in cold-cast pewter on a sandstone base for the owner of TD248. One piece from this strict limited edition was then presented to the serving squadron leader of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.

MkXV1e Spitfire Sculpture in cold-cast pewter by Kirsty Armstrong
MkXV1e Spitfire sculpture

2014  RSST Volunteer Awards

RSST Volunteer awards 2014
RSST 2014 Volunteer awards

2013 AONB Competition winner to design and produce the Pendlebury Award

The Pendlebury Award by Sculptor Kirsty Armstrong. A relief sculpture in stone and plaster
The Pendlebury award



Red squirrel Awards
RSST Volunteer awards

February 2011 HRH Prince Charles (now His Majesty, King Charles), received number one of the limited edition copper red squirrel sculpture; ‘Charles’ from Kirsty.

Kirsty presenting HRH Prince Charles with ‘Charles’ 2011

Between 1995 – 2010 Kirsty worked as a freelance sculptor for Border Fine Arts and Country Artists. 

During this time Kirsty was commissioned to sculpt many pieces, including some of the James Herriot range, studio pieces and, limited edition cattle breed studies. Here are a few below.




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Kirsty Armstrong Sculpture