New Otter Sculpture

My new Otter Sculpture is of a young male which I’ve called ‘Erik’. I’m sculpting the original in modelling wax, which when finished, will be moulded and cast. It will be produced as a limited edition in both cold-cast bronze and cold-cast iron. I have ancestral roots in Scandinavia, Iceland and Shetland, and a Grandfather… Continue reading New Otter Sculpture

New Otter Wildlife Sculpture

I’ve been working on a new Otter Wildlife Sculpture for a little while now. As usual, I fit in the sculpting of new pieces around making up orders from my two online Shops, and so it can take a bit of time! My new Otter Sculpture is called Peerie Draatsie, which means ‘Little Otter’ in Shetland… Continue reading New Otter Wildlife Sculpture

Max the miracle dog statue

Paw detail from Max the miracle dog’s statue by Kirsty Armstrong

An update on The Max the miracle dog statue. I‘m the sculptor of the Max the miracle dog statue. I’ve been a sculptor for more than 30 years and in that time I’ve made all sorts of things! I’ve sculpted animals for figurine manufacturing companies. I’ve designed and produced the annual awards for ‘General Electric’… Continue reading Max the miracle dog statue

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Kirsty Armstrong Sculpture