New Otter Wildlife Sculpture

I’ve been working on a new Otter Wildlife Sculpture for a little while now. As usual, I fit in the sculpting of new pieces around making up orders from my two online Shops, and so it can take a bit of time!

Otter wildlife Sculpture work in progress. Head detail being applied in wax by sculptor Kirsty Armstrong
Work in progress on the new Otter wildlife Sculpture

My new Otter Sculpture is called Peerie Draatsie, which means ‘Little Otter’ in Shetland dialect. It will be a young Otter which will stand at about 16” (40cm) tall. Our family lived on Shetland for three years when my father was posted there by the RAF. It is a very special place for all our family.

The view from a house on Shetland
The view from our garden on Shetland

The Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary  is Shetland’s only wildlife sanctuary. They have been caring for sick, injured and abandoned Seals & Otters for more than thirty years, successfully rehabilitating and releasing hundreds of animals. Once my ‘Peerie Draatsie’ limited edition sculpture is in production, I will be donating an amount to them from each piece sold.

I’m sculpting the new Otter in Plastiline modelling wax using traditional sculpting methods. I have the composition blocked out and I’ve just removed the head(!) When it’s separate and held in a positionable vice it’s easier to work on from all angles.

I’ll post more updates shortly. In the meantime if you’d like to be on the ‘interested but no obligation to buy’ list for one of the first 25 finished sculptures at a discounted introductory price, then please send me a quick email EMAIL here. Thank you!




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Kirsty Armstrong Sculpture