New Wood Mouse wall plaques

I’m sculpting two new Wood Mouse wall plaques as new pieces to my collection. I’ve just finished ‘Winifred’ and her companion piece ‘Wilfred’ will be ready soon.

Winifred Wood Mouse wall plaque

Both wall plaques are sculpted in deep relief. The mice are perched on shelves of bracket fungus surrounded by BlackBerries. They will be hand painted in rich autumnal colours.

Once both waxes are ready they’ll be off to be moulded and they’ll then be in production. The first painted plaques should be in my British Craft House shop by November.

Here’s a link to my Kirsty Armstrong Sculpture Facebook page video

More soon!

Design sketch for two wood mouse wall plaques by Kirsty Armstrong Sculpture
Initial 3D sketch of two wood mouse wall plaques


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Kirsty Armstrong Sculpture