New ‘Daisy-Moon’ Brooch by Kirsty Armstrong

I’ve just designed and cast my newest Brooch design; ‘Daisy- Moon’…

Recently,  when I was unable to sleep, the idea for a new brooch design came into my head. I love the moon in design, and daisies are one of my favourite flowers. Also ‘Daisy-Moon’ seemed to have a good ring to it, so the next morning I scribbled a quick sketch. After adding a few bits and pieces of metalwork and some tiny beads, which were my Mums, and sculpting the flower in wax , it was ready to be moulded. Yesterday, I excitedly cast three; two in cold-cast pewter and one in Bronze, but had to wait until they were cured to polish them today…

A little while ago I bought a set of exciting new paints in all sorts of lovely colours with exotic names like ‘veil of smoke’ and ‘Pearl Fantasy Moon’ , which produce some very interesting effects! I designed the brooch with a flat plain bound in on all sides so that I could use some of the paints as they only work on horizontal surfaces and they flow…. until they set!

I’m very pleased with today’s first casts of ‘Daisy-Moon’ and with how the paint has complimented the metal. More colours soon, but for now here is my ‘Daisy-Moon’ brooch in Pewter with Turquoise, Pewter with ‘Veil of smoke’ and cold-cast bronze with red ‘Carmine’. They will be available to buy shortly via ‘My Shop’ in the menu,  which will direct you to my ‘Folksy shop’.

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