Red Squirrel conservation donation from sculpture sales

As you may know, I make a donation to red Squirrel conservation projects from the profits of each sale of my Red Squirrel sculptures; ‘Charles’, ‘Willow’, ‘George’ and ‘Hope’. The running total is now just short of £1500! With £525.00 ‘in the pot’ yet to give out, yesterday, I sent £175.00 to RSST ( Red Squirrel Survival Trust) for Pox vaccine research; £175.00 to RSTW (Red Squirrels Trust Wales) for Adenovirus research on the Isle of Anglesey, and £175.00 to B&DRSG (Brampton & District Red Squirrel Group; my squirrel group) to go towards the purchase of a FLIR thermal imageing camera.

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