New Sculpture and several commissions for 2017…

Halcyon Days plaque

Well, after a very busy and exciting run up to Christmas I thought perhaps the New Year would be rather…quiet, but the first month of 2017 has proved to be just as hectic and I am working on some new Sculpture and several commissions,  especially from America!

Gladiator helmet Sculpture


I’ve just finished sculpting the wax original of a Roman Gladiator helmet which will form part of an award destined for the US. This is a larger version of an award I made a couple of years ago, and will be made in cold-cast bronze mounted on a stainless steel column which is set in a sandstone block. Once the wax is moulded locally, hopefully this week, then the bronze casts can be poured and I can then bring all the parts together!

I’ve also been asked to sculpt a Weimaraner head in relief which I’ll be starting tomorrow and the casts of those will form part of another set of trophies and awards which again will be heading for the States!

Yesterday saw a project (which I began two years ago) finally come to fruition! I started sculpting a larger version of my ‘Halcyon Days’ plaque after a customer requested a 14″ diameter one to hang outside. The design is based on the Greek legend of the Halcyon; a kingfisher-like bird, which had the power to calm the waters of the sea around the winter solstice enabling it to build a nest on calm waters and raise its young. The plaque is circular, very detailed and made in fibreglass reinforced cold-cast copper, and is now on its way to Texas! I’ve also produced one in bronze which will be sited in a Manchester hospital garden shortly.
Halcyon Days plaqueHalcyon Days plaqueLast month I finally finished a larger verdigris copper squirrel for a friend. I really enjoyed experimenting with the decoration on this one and will probably make more of them. I’ve also had various commissions from Europe for my Flat coated retriever memory boxes with highly detailed lichen decorated lids, and they are something I want to develop more this year.Red squirrel sculptureFlat coated retriever box

Finally, at the end of January I was approached with the idea of possibly sculpting another cattle piece shortly, which will be very exciting as I haven’t sculpted one since 2009! More on that soon if I’m given the commission…

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Kirsty Armstrong Sculpture