A very busy time recently, and now a chance to develop projects for the New Year!

Tree illustration

Recently I’ve had a very busy, creative and productive time with record orders and a wide variety of items ordered and produced!  Now that Christmas is behind us I’m taking the chance to get organised and to develop the projects I have in mind for the New year!

The lead up to Christmas was a busy time with long days, and very full weeks, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Below are a few of the pieces I’ve created recently, including unique treasure and jewellery boxes using techniques which I’ve developed over time, various Flatcoated retriever products such as treat tins, lead racks, memory boxes and brooches, Labrador treat tins, tree illustrations, and a new larger version of my Halcyon days plaque; one of which will be installed in a hospital in the New year…

In the New year I also have some trophies to make (hopefully!), a new life size Hare sculpture with an exciting texture, a war memorial ( again, hopefully that will be finalised this year!), and more dog breeds to sculpt and add to my range of  dog related products…a Springer Spaniel is next.

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Kirsty Armstrong Sculpture