New ‘Love U ‘ Ridge Trees illustrations

trees illustrations
Tree illustrations

Here is a selection of my new ‘Love U’ Ridge Trees illustrations.

I’ve recently created a new series of illustrations using a combination of my photographs and some drawing. I then make water slide decals, or print onto matt photographic paper, and attach the images on to ceramic tile wall plaques, and I also produce cards.

These trees are known locally as the ‘Ridge Trees’ and form part of a stand of impressive Beech trees which are sillouetted against the sky very near to where I live. Whilst walking the dog one day, I thought I could imagine letters formed in the branches…

The first in the series of tree illustrations, which I then went on to produce, included the name ‘Brampton’; the town below these trees, where I live in Cumbria. Next, using a smaller group of Beech further along the Ridge, I photographed and drew the ‘Love U’ edition, then ‘Friends’, and most recently, ‘Alexander’.

As these tree illustrations look very different in different colours, I’ve used computer editoring to produce a variety of different colour schemes. I’ve also been experimenting with layering decals of different designs, including a beautiful ‘Highland lichen’ pattern made from a photograph which I took last year up a mountain in Scotland.

The ‘friends’ tree illustration has the caption underneath; ‘It takes a long time to grow old friends…’ and the word ‘friends’ is growing in the trees. I have also started to add these tree illustrations to wooden treasure and trinket boxes, using a technique which ‘melts’ the decal into the wooden box lid, and I then age the box (to see examples click on ‘MY SHOP’ in the tabs above).

Please click on the individual pictures in the gallery above to see them in more detail.



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