‘George’, my Red squirrel kitten sculpture is finally finished.

'George' Red squirrel kitten sculpture
‘George’ Red squirrel kitten sculpture Oct 2013

‘Charles’ and ‘Willow’, my red squirrel sculptures, have finally had their first offspring; ‘George’. I finished sculpting him in wax last week and took him to ‘Lakeland mouldings’ in the Lake district to be moulded. After checking over the aluminium cast ( the ‘master’), ‘George’ will now be moulded again and a second ‘skin mould’ will be made. From this, the cold-cast copper sculptures will be produced. I’ll put up an image as soon as I have the first cast polished.

The first 25 ordered will be available at a discounted price which I will post soon when I know all the production costs.

Please email me at kirsty@justkirsty.com or tel.016977 41012 if you’d like to be on the order list.

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