Red Squirrel sculpture; ‘George’, the squirrel kitten by Kirsty Armstrong.

'George' Red squirrel sculpture
‘George’ Red squirrel Kitten sculpture in cold-cast Copper-2013

New Red Squirrel Sculpture by Kirsty Armstrong.

This is ‘George’, the squirrel kitten. My first and second Red Squirrel sculptures; ‘Charles’, and his mate ‘Willow’, finally have off-spring!

‘George’ is a life-size Red squirrel sculpture of a kitten between 3 and 4 months old. He is a limited edition sculpture of 150 pieces comprising of 125 in cold-cast copper and 25 as a painted resin version. (The painted pieces are not available at present but should be in the new year). The piece is approximately 8″ (20 cm) tall.

‘George’ sits clutching his forepaws to his chest, as squirrels do, perched on an ivy clad branch with his tail twirling down around him. There is a snail at the base which, being made from copper, has a mirror shine, as do the Ivy leaves.

As with my other Red Squirrel sculptures,’Charles’, ‘Willow’ and ‘Hope’, I will be donating a percentage of my profits from each sale of ‘George’ to Red Squirrel conservation projects. Currently the total is fast approaching £1500 with the Brampton & District Red Squirrel Group, Red Squirrel survival Trust and Red Squirrel Trust Wales being the main recipients so far.

The first 25 cold-cast copper ‘George’ orders were available at the introductory price of £100 (plus £9.00 insured postage) as I am now making the 30th ‘George (February 2014), the price is £125.00 plus postage. Please contact me for further details if you are intersted in placing an order. (  Tel. 0792 0854 213 ) Orders can be paid for in advance by cheque, postal order, direct transfer or paypal. Please contact me for the details.

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Kirsty Armstrong Sculpture