The beginning of a new sculpting project featuring a Herdwick Ram

Today sees the beginning of a new sculpting project which I’ve had as an idea for quite a few months now… I travelled further down into Cumbria to the ‘Lakeland farm visitor centre’ near Windermere, where I met owners Kerrie and Isaac, and the very handsome Herdwick ram called, ‘Screen-saver’! 🐏

‘Screen-saver’ – Herdwick Ram

After trying unsuccessfully elsewhere to source photographic reference of Herdwicks at ‘just the right angle’, I decided I’d better find a good example of the breed and take the photographs myself.

I was a sculptor for the figurine manufacturer, Border Fine Arts for about 15 years and sculpted many of their cattle breed studies (below is the wax original of the British Bull bull which I sculpted for them). This involved farm visits to get detailed reference pictures to sculpt from. I’ve had a few close-calls with cattle who weren’t that keen on the camera, but ‘Screen-saver’ today was a perfectly behaved model!

The Herdwick ram which I photographed today is the subject for one of the pieces in my new series of large reliefs called ‘around the horn’. The technique for sculpting a relief is different from sculpting a fully 3 dimensional model as the form is ‘flattened’ but it looks to be 3D from the viewing point at the front of the piece. It is usually sculpted from just one reference picture, taken at ‘just’ the right angle. Hopefully I took that shot today…

More details on the other subjects in the series soon, and I’ll also post progress pictures as I start to sculpt this Cumbrian Herdwick Ram…

Here’s a link to the Lakeland farm visitor centre 🐏 Lakeland Farm visitor centre

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