The last ‘Charles’ Red Squirrel sculpture, No.100/100 is being auctioned!

red squirrel sculpture

My last remaining ‘Charles’ red squirrel sculpture, No.100/100, is to be auctioned to help Cumbrian Flood victims 

As you may already know, I presented the first ‘Charles’ red squirrel sculpture to HRH Prince Charles at Hutton-in-the-forest in February 2011. The 100 piece limited edition completely sold out eighteen months ago, except for No.100/100…which I had kept

.Kirsty presenting HRH Prince Charles with her Red squirrel sculpture 'Charles'

Photograph courtesy of RSST. It must not be used without permission

Kirsty presenting No.1 of ‘Charles’ to HRH Prince Charles…

Following the devastating floods here in Cumbria during December and January, an art auction has been organised where artists have donated work to be auctioned to raise funds for Cumbrian Community Foundation’s Flood recovery Appeal, which helps individuals and businesses affected by the floods.

The floods affected such a wide area, places I know so well were devastated, infrastructure damaged, businesses and homes destroyed, and even my elderly relatives had to be rescued by boat! As well as the direct impact which the floods had initially, indirectly businesses have been affected as well, my own included! The storm hit just 3 weeks before Chrstmas, the busiest time for a lot of businesses, and the galleries which I, and a lot of other artists, supply were either under water or inaccessible…

Therefore, if you would like the chance to bid for and possibly own the last ‘Charles’…with his royal connections, and help Cumbria to recover, then please click on the link below.

Bids can currently be placed online, for Charles as well as over 100 other works, until Wednesday 11th February 2016, and then until 11pm at the event in Carlisle at the ‘Halston’. Here is the link which will take you to the last ‘Charles’…     

The limited edition of another of my red squirrel sculptures; ‘Willow’ (mate to Charles), is also almost sold out, with only 10 pieces remaining of the 150 which were made…Please visit MY SHOP in tabs for more information or contact me on the above email.                                        

Love Cumbria Art Auction

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Kirsty Armstrong Sculpture