Animal and wildlife sculpture

Kirsty Armstrong Sculpture

Hi.  Here’s a little collection of some of the Animal and wildlife sculpture I’ve created over the past few years. Here they include; The Max the miracle dog Statue  The original Smilodon (Sabretoothed tiger) for the collectibles company; REBOR my own limited edition wildlife pieces including Hares, Red Squirrels, and Wood Mouse Wall Sculptures Various Dog themed bas reliefs… Continue reading Animal and wildlife sculpture

December update; Max and my ‘JustKirstySculpture’ shops!

Hello! I just thought I’d give you a quick update on how I’m getting on with the sculpting of ‘Max the miracle dog’ and also when my ‘JustKirstySculpture’ online shops will be open fully again. Firstly, Max the miracle dog statue…I’m getting on well with the sculpting and today I’ve taken off his head and… Continue reading December update; Max and my ‘JustKirstySculpture’ shops!

Max the Miracle Dog Statue

I am extremely honoured and excited to have been chosen to sculpt Max the Miracle Dog, which will be cast in bronze and sited here in Cumbria in the heart of Keswick! I’m very much looking forward to starting this next project and to meeting the lovely Max (and Harry & Paddy!) next week. I’ll be… Continue reading Max the Miracle Dog Statue

Update on my Harriet Hare sculpture

My Harriet Hare Sculpture My current sculpture, Harriet Hare, is now making good progress and I’m in the process of adding the final fine detail! This Hare Sculpture is almost full size at 16” to her highest ear. I’m sculpting her in French modelling wax, and when the sculpting of this original is complete she… Continue reading Update on my Harriet Hare sculpture

The last ‘Charles’ Red Squirrel sculpture, No.100/100 is being auctioned!

My last remaining ‘Charles’ red squirrel sculpture, No.100/100, is to be auctioned to help Cumbrian Flood victims  As you may already know, I presented the first ‘Charles’ red squirrel sculpture to HRH Prince Charles at Hutton-in-the-forest in February 2011. The 100 piece limited edition completely sold out eighteen months ago, except for No.100/100…which I had kept . Photograph courtesy… Continue reading The last ‘Charles’ Red Squirrel sculpture, No.100/100 is being auctioned!

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Kirsty Armstrong Sculpture