Animal and wildlife sculpture

Kirsty Armstrong Sculpture

Hi.  Here’s a little collection of some of the Animal and wildlife sculpture I’ve created over the past few years. Here they include; The Max the miracle dog Statue  The original Smilodon (Sabretoothed tiger) for the collectibles company; REBOR my own limited edition wildlife pieces including Hares, Red Squirrels, and Wood Mouse Wall Sculptures Various Dog themed bas reliefs… Continue reading Animal and wildlife sculpture

Harriet Hare Sculpture

Harriet Hare is an almost life-size wildlife Sculpture available in three different finishes… For more information please visit my Etsy shop via this link 🐇 JustKirstySculpture Etsy shop link Rusty Harriet is the newest version and at present is only available by contacting me directly. Please just send me a quick email here ↩️

Large Hare sculpture in three different finishes…


The sculpting of Harriet Hare is complete!

The sculpting of Harriet Hare in modelling wax is now complete, and she has already been moulded locally in Cumbria. At present, casts are being made of her in cold-cast bronze, and pewter, and also white resin (which will be hand painted). I’m currently waiting for the moulding and casting production costs to come in… Continue reading The sculpting of Harriet Hare is complete!

Update on my Harriet Hare sculpture

My Harriet Hare Sculpture My current sculpture, Harriet Hare, is now making good progress and I’m in the process of adding the final fine detail! This Hare Sculpture is almost full size at 16” to her highest ear. I’m sculpting her in French modelling wax, and when the sculpting of this original is complete she… Continue reading Update on my Harriet Hare sculpture

Harriet Hare Sculpture…an update on my latest piece

This is Harriet Hare, my latest sculpture. I’ve been thinking about sculpting a Hare for quite a while now, and once I started she was immediately named ‘Harriet’! She is just about the life size of a juvenile female brown hare and I’m sculpting her in modelling wax which, when finished, will be moulded and… Continue reading Harriet Hare Sculpture…an update on my latest piece

A new Hare sculpture…

Recently, I’ve busy making up orders and producing work for various galleries, but this week I’ve finally started on a new Hare sculpture! As a ‘one-man-band’, I can go for months spending time on ‘reproducing’ my work to sell and so when I can find a window of time to actually ‘sculpt’ something new, like… Continue reading A new Hare sculpture…

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Kirsty Armstrong Sculpture