My Harriet Hare Sculpture, and the sculpting of a Sabre-toothed Tiger!

Good morning! After a slight delay in production due to the current crisis I’m glad to say that my Harriet Hare Sculpture is back in production here in Cumbria! I’m also currently sculpting a prehistoric Sabre-toothed Tiger (a Smilodon) for a British figurine producing company.

Harriet Hare by Kirsty Armstrong Sculpture

I’m sculpting the fur detail on the Sabre-toothed Tiger’s paws first as they need to be finished before I attach them to the rest of the body. The undersides look incongruously ‘cute’ compared to how the rest of this ferocious animal appeared!

Fur detail on the Smilodon’s paw

This is painstakingly slow work as so much sharp detail has to be applied … with a needle! I’ll be posting more updates as I go along.

Right, I’d better get back to it!

Resin cast of the musculature ready for the fur detail to be sculpted over the top by hand.
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Kirsty Armstrong Sculpture