Sculpture Commissions & my online shops

Max the miracle dog sitting in Hope park Keswick
Max during his measuring session

Current Sculpture Commissions & an update on my online shops

I’ve recently been given two large Sculpture commissions which has meant that I’ve had to temporarily reduce the products available from my online shops (on Etsy & The British Craft House). Things will be back to normal there once I’ve spent time on my sculpting commitments!

Image of a Smilodon sculpture in wax by Kirsty Armstrong

The Smilodon (Sabretoothed tiger) commission for a prehistoric figurine company is now just about finished and will be going off to be moulded very shortly.

My latest sculpture commission to produce ‘Max the Miracle dog’ in bronze is also taking shape.

Max the miracle dog sitting in Hope park Keswick
Max during his measuring session

I’ve taken preliminary measurements from Max himself, and from those I’ve now produced a small maquette (basically a 3D sketch in wax). The purpose of this is to get the composition and the proportions of the piece correct on a small scale before starting on the full sized version, which will be life-sized. All measurements should be correct and to scale on this smaller piece so that it can then be easily scaled up for the final large piece.

Max the miracle dog in Hope park Keswick
Max the Miracle Dog in Hope Park Keswick

Working on the small maquette also highlights the areas where more information is needed. It was quite busy when I met Max and a small crowd of his adoring public gathered! The distraction meant that I didn’t quite get all the measurements or photographs that I needed so I’ll meet him again soon… at a quieter location!!

More updates shortly…