Max the miracle dog commission update!

A collage showing the progress so far on the Max the miracle dog sculpture
The making of Max the miracle dog Sculpture

This is just a quick update on the Max the miracle dog sculpture commission.

I’ve now meet Max the Springer spaniel twice and taken various measurements and photographs. The sculpture will be life size and show Max in a sitting position, leaning very slightly to one side. It will be cast in bronze which will then be attached to a slate bench cut from the Honister slate mine here in Cumbria and sited in Hope park in the centre of Keswick.

Max the miracle dog sitting in Hope park Keswick
Max during his measuring session

Current I’m finalising the ‘maquette’ of Max, which is basically a 3D sketch in wax on a much smaller scale than the real thing. Its purpose is for me to get everything in the right position and proportion and to create a pleasing flowing composition before starting on the full sized version; it’s much easier and less time consuming to change and manipulate a 10cm model than it would be on a larger sculpture.

A wax maquette of Max the miracle dog
The wax maquette of Max the miracle dog

The maquette is a tool for me, for the customer and for the foundry, and although it should be anatomically correct, there is no need for fine detail. At this stage it should look like a Springer Spaniel but it doesn’t need to be necessarily recognisable as ‘Max’… that takes many hours and does not need to be on this little ‘sketch’.

This maquette may be worked up at a later stage to produce a limited edition of smaller Max models.

Once the maquette is finished and approved then the next stage is to build the rigid armature (the internal support) for the full sized Max.

More soon… 🐾



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