Traditional Sculptor V digital Sculptor?

I’ve been a traditional sculptor for more than 30 years. I enjoy the relationship I have with the materials I use and the close interaction with the reference materials I choose to help me, both of which combine to help me create the finished sculptures I produce.

I am resistant when it comes to change, and have tended to view ‘digital’ sculpting as …cheating! Well, to some degree any way! However, a figurine manufacturing company recently contacted me after they began following me on Instagram and they commented that they were impressed by my ‘sensational fur sculpting skills’! (😬). They then asked me to produce a Big cat sculpture for them, even though they have digital sculptors working full time… it seems that perhaps fur can’t easily be replicated using a computer and that the hand and eye of a traditional sculptor might still be useful in this digital age.

I have found that when I have a problem to solve, then doing something else is when the part of the brain responsible for problem solving starts to work… I was actually in the shower, thinking about how I’d approach this project and I had an idea about how to work ‘with’ the digital sculptors which would save me time and the company money and still produce the finish on the sculpture which they required.

I admit to feeling slightly apprehensive when I emailed my idea to them. I know nothing about digital sculpting or 3D printing and was expecting my idea to be shot down in flames, but… the reply came back almost straight away hailing me as ‘innovative’ and ‘a genius!’, they also believe that they might have some further work for me to do!

So, traditional sculptor V digital sculptor? You’ll have noticed that I haven’t spilled the beans on exactly ‘what’ my idea is ( it isn’t always the best idea to give your best ideas away!) but, I’m so pleased that after my resistance to digital sculpting I have found a way to combine it with the way I work to help me produce pieces of work for a client in a faster and ultimately more satisfactory way.

Kirsty Armstrong Sculpture

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Kirsty Armstrong Sculpture