I’m a Flatcoated Retriever owner … and a sculptor of them!

I’ve been a Flatcoated retriever owner for almost 20 years. Our first Flatcoat; Sam, was the model for the small relief which I sculpted firstly in wax, and which I cast replicas of in cold-cast pewter and copper.

Cold-cast pewter Flatcoated Retriever relief

I use these hand made casts on various products; treat tins, dog memorial boxes, jewellery boxes and also a slightly deeper version is made up into a brooch or pin.

Flatcoat ‘Stuff-box’

My newest item (above) is a small wooden box which is especially for those precious bits and pieces which help you when you eventually have to say goodbye to your beloved dog… I also make a smaller version (a ‘Fluff-box’) which will keep a lock-of-fluff safe and sound for ever.

Flat coat treat tin
Pewter relief
Pocket sized treat or training tin
Flat coat ‘Fluff-box’

My Flat coat products can be found in my Just Kirsty Sculpture shops over on ‘The British Craft House’ and Etsy via the secure links on my shop and Home pages.

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Kirsty Armstrong Sculpture